Musée William Thornley

Musée William Thornley
Château de Grouchy - 14 rue William Thornley
95520 Osny

01 34 25 42 04
01 34 25 42 47

Thanks to the dedication of the volunteers of the Association of Friends de Grouchy, the museum is opened from now on to the public three afternoons a week. The museum presents from now on an exhibition(exposure) every two years.

Fitted out in attic restored by the castle of Grouchy, the Space William Thornley extends on 300m. He(it) groups the biggest collection never gathered this day of this post-impressionist painter. The collection consists of 190 works (drawings, lithographies, watercolors and oil paints) of the painter. You can also admire the works of big impressionists having found the inspiration to Osny and for whom Thornley worked, as of Véron, Pissarro, Degas, Veyrassat, Monet and Eugène Duc.



All year round, every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday between 2 pm and 5 pm.