Hostellerie du Maupertu

Hostellerie du Maupertu
25 route d'Auvers
95300 Pontoise

01 30 38 08 22

Tradition in border of the Oise, on the path(way) of the Impressionists.

Contemporary comfort, stylish welcome and kitchen of today, consensual, with a few manners, without extravagance: fricassee of gambas and squids in the rust of Sète, the lasagnes of sweet bread Parmesan cheese and mushrooms with the cream. Leader knows his classics and regular customers trust him for all the classics, the salmon from Bearn, the Parmentier of duck or the braised kidneys.

Near the green Avenue London-Paris, Edges of the Oise, the Loop of Auvers on Van Gogh's tracks and Pissarro.

Car park bike Garden or secure court.



Ouvert tous les jours sauf samedi midi et 12h à 13h30 et de 19h30 à 21h30, Samedi : de 19h30 à 21h30
Ouvert le 31 décembre et le dimanche midi 1er janvier.


Menu adulte : à partir de 37 €.