Office de tourisme de Cergy Pontoise


Situated on the banks of the Oise, Jouy-le-Moutier is a village rich in History which dates back to neolithic times, as is witnessed by the menhir of Jouy-la-Fontaine and a number of polished stone axes which have been found on the site.
From the 12th Century onward these lands were cultivated by small winegrowers who produced « le ginglet », a local wine sold to café owners in the area and in Pontoise. Until the 19th Century Jouy was a typical small Vexin village. Its living space was concentrated in a series of small hamlets aligned along the Oise and separated by agricultural areas.
The commune has been radically transformed since its integration in the new town of Cergy-Pontoise. The population grew in less than five years. This mutation, however, has affected neither the past nor the rural environment. If the history of the village is still visible today it is thanks to the promotion and preservation of its ancient buildings.