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A small bronze cockerel dating from prehistory was found in Maurecourt, but the first significant traces of its history go back to Roman times.
The name « Maurecourt »,which used to be spelt « Morecourt », appears to come from the Roman anthropnym, Maurus, followed by the suffix  « court », de cortem, which means domain.
Until just before the Revolution the commune was included in the Seigneury of Andrésy and was therefore the property of the Chapter of Notre-Dame de Paris.
In 1791 Maurecourt became an independent village of the Parish of Andrésy-Maurecourt.
From 1808 onwards, situated at the confluence of the Oise and the Seine, it became, as did its neighbours Andrésy and Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, an important river stop for the barges travelling between Paris and the north of France and Belgium.