Office de tourisme de Cergy Pontoise


The village of Menucourt is situated on the Hautil hill next to Courdimanche and Boisemont, to the south of Cergy. The commune is surrounded on three sides by forest and is open northward towards the plain of the Vexin.
Until the 1970s Menucourt was a rural village, organised around the Château, with its towers and its park, and the Saint-Léger church, and lined with narrow streets which retain the imprint of past times with their fountains and calvaries. The extraction (quarrying?)of gypsum supplemented agricultural activity.
It is an active, lively town, thanks to its numerous celebrations, shows and outings intended for the benefit of everybody. More than 70 associations organise the cultural, sporting and social life of the commune, in liaison with the social Centre « La Maison de Menucourt ».
It enjoys a reputation which extends beyond the borders of France for its Centre for Functional Reeducation, « La Châtaignerie ». Menucourt is a harmonious synthesis of the rural world of the Vexin and the urban dynamism of Cergy-Pontoise.